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Content here is available for free download as zipped archives of FLAC files. The flacs can be de-compressed back to cd quality wav audio if you wish. These are fairly large files to download (average size around 240 Mb). You can also download the manifest (.md5) file for an immediate check as to the integrity of the archive. My work also appears on the RLW album I.K.K. - Purpur (Discogs link for that release here)


Structured Noise

Five tracks, 76 minutes long, completed in 2011. File under difficult listening.

Audio files: SN.zipManifest: SN.md5


Blind Hands Read the Written Body

Five tracks, one hour long, and originally released in 1998, this is my first solo recording. Mainly guitar driven (though not always recognisably so).

Audio files: SR001.zipManifest: SR001.md5

On Crystal Night

Six tracks, 55 minutes long, from 1999. The first four tracks constitute a single work. Annabel Kapp lends speaking voice to tracks one and three.

Audio files: SR004.zipManifest: SR004.md5

Short Stories

Eleven tracks, 63 minutes in length, released in 2001. I had created some lengthy pieces for an installation project which unfortunately never went ahead. The tracks here are mainly reworkings of those pieces into more concise structures.

Audio files: SR006.zipManifest: SR006.md5

Text Content

All texts download as pdf files.

Compositional Mnemotechnics as Diagrams is a paper I delivered at NCMS 2013

The Composer as Ideologue was a paper delivered here in February 2015.

background image from "Dreamweave for Grierson", solo piano (2007)